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Getting Rid of Extra Items to Prepare for a Move

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Moving is always a fresh start. It's a chance to go through your things, get rid of the stuff you don't need, and start anew in your new home. However, we often get sentimental about things and hold on to them even though we never use them. This creates clutter and wastes valuable space in our homes.

If you're moving, it's important to go through your belongings and get rid of the items you don't use or wear. This will not only help save space, but it will also make moving and unpacking much easier. So before you start packing up boxes, take some time to declutter your home and get rid of the things you don't need. It'll make your move a lot smoother.

Ditch Old Clothes

Let's face it, your closet is probably one of the most cluttered areas in your home. We hang on to clothes that we never wear, thinking that we'll eventually fit into them again or that we might need them for a special occasion. But chances are, if you haven't worn something in the past year, you're not going to wear it again. So go through your clothes and get rid of anything that you haven't worn in the past year or that doesn't fit you anymore.

Don't forget to go through your shoes as well. We often keep shoes that we never wear because they're too uncomfortable or they're not our style anymore. Get rid of any shoes that you don't wear often or that are just taking up space in your closet. You'll be surprised at how much room this frees up!

You can easily donate all unwanted clothes to any thrift store or, if you're up for the extra work, have a garage sale and make a few extra bucks.

Purge Your Bathroom Cabinet

Another area we tend to accumulate extra items is in our bathroom cabinets. Items can range from old makeup, skincare products, medicines, or old cleaning supplies you never ended up using.

You should also go through your towels and throw out any that are old or damaged. After all, a new home should signify a fresh start and clean towels should be part of it!

Get Rid of Old Books and DVDs

If you're like most people, you have a bookshelf or DVD collection that's crammed full of books and movies that you never read or watch anymore. Go through these items and get rid of anything that you don't want or need anymore.

In fact, it's worth doing some research on old DVDs or VCRs you have to see if they have any real value for you to sell online. If not, you can donate these items to a local library or thrift store. Either way, getting rid of these old items will free up valuable space in your new home!

So, before you start packing for your move, take inventory of your belongings and get rid of anything you don’t need. And if you need help packing or moving, let us know.

We can pack and move for you so that your transition is as smooth as possible. Thanks for reading!

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