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Packing & Unpacking

Packing and unpacking can be tiring when it comes to moving. While moving to a new place can be exciting and can refer to a new chapter of life it can be hectic at the same moment. The moving process involves a lot of packing the household items and then unpacking them once you are moved into a new home. The tiring job has become easier for you if you need a moving service in Murrieta, CA.


TacLog Moving Service is providing professional packing and unpacking services in Murrieta, CA and its suburbs. We have experienced professionals who will pack your household items in such a way that there won’t be any damage to them. With the proper equipment, moving supplies, and technique, you will be moved to your new home with all of your things!

How Do We Do It?

Professional packing service is not as simple as picking things in a box. It requires special moving supplies like bubble wraps, safety foams, packing boxes, packing tapes and loading/unloading vehicles. Our professional movers in Murrieta will divide your things into categories. They will also categorically pack your belonging and label each box just like any other professional.

Each of your things is packed with care ensuring that there is no damage caused to your things on the move. Once you are moved to your new place the tough job of unpacking will also be looked after our movers.

Reliable Service

If you are looking for professional movers in Murrieta, you can’t find someone better than Taclog Moving Service. We have hundreds of satisfied clients in and outside Murrieta and that’s because of our reliable service.

Our movers are trustworthy and professional and that is the reason we have got a single complaint against them. Not only you will get a smooth moving service but there won’t be any mishap during the process.

Easy, Simple, and Fun

You will be amazed by our best unpacking service in Murrieta because our movers will unload and unpack everything for you. You will just advise them where you want your things to be settled and they will unpack the boxes and set up your room without any hassle.

What you will be doing in the whole process is to sit down, relax, take a coffee and see the unpacking and packing process. You don’t have to worry about your expensive cutlery or antiques because everything is in safe hands when it comes to TacLog Moving Services.

Reasonable Prices

Unlike other movers who charge more than what they deliver to their clients, our prices are quite reasonable. You’ll find our prices affordable and love our moving services no matter wherever you are moving.

What Our Clients Say


David Anderson - Google Review

I had a small load that I needed moved from San Diego to Temecula. The crew was on time and worked efficiently wrapping everything nicely in blankets. I had a heavy granite and bronze sculpture that they did an excellent job of wrapping and protecting to make sure that it didn’t get damaged. I would definitely use them again.