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With TacLog, you'll have a smooth moving experience! We are Murrieta’s most trusted company for both residential and commercial moving.


Our team has been providing top-notch customer service since 2010 with an excellent customer satisfaction rate (over 90%).

So whether your move requires careful handling or just basic packing up of belongings then give us a call and we'll take care of it all from start to finish.

Our Services

Our company offers plenty of options to fit your needs:

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Long-Distance Moving

It doesn’t matter if you're doing an interstate move because we have got your back! You will receive a safe and reliable service from us no matter how far your new place is. Our professional movers will relocate your belongings in a smooth process.

Moving truck with animation of location pin placed atop it, reresenting local moving

Local Moving

If you are looking for trusted movers in the community, you have got us! We provide local moving services to customers anywhere in Murrieta or surrounding cities! As soon as you contact us, a representative will ask your current location, moving location, and other necessary details.

moving truck with miniature buildings in its bed, signifying commercial moving services

Commercial Moving

We provide commercial services to clients who have offices, restaurants, cafes, and any type of shop. You don’t have to worry about moving your heavy fridge or other appliances because our team will have all the bases covered.

Moving truck with a box in its bed. The box has two arrows on it, one pointing left and the other right. The box signifis loading and unloading services from a moving company


Even if you have packed your things all by yourself, the toughest job is to load or unload the things in a truck. Our Murrieta team will help you in the loading and unloading process with the proper equipment. You don’t have to risk well-being carrying a heavy sofa down a flight of stairs.

Moving box with items being placed inside it. This is to signify the packing and unpacking process in a move

Packing & Unpacking

Our expert Murrieta movers will assist you in packing and unpacking services. Your entire cutlery, home appliances, antiques, furniture, and even the tiniest things will be packed in a professional manner. Our high-quality packing material will keep your things safe throughout the moving process.  we  provide professional unpacking service.

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Loading Only:

Trucks, Trailers, Storage, PODS, PackRats, U-PACKS, and more.

Unloading Only:

Trucks, Trailers, Storage, PODS PackRats, U-PACKS, and more!

On-site Moving:

Apartment Complexes, Houses, Buildings, and more!


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We are a licensed company and do not partake in any illegal processes. Our movers are professionals, experts and locals.

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All our drivers are certified movers with multiple years of experience and training. We provide a free no obligation quote to our customers.

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We offer the best affordable prices in town! We have all the necessary supplies, packaging, trucks, equipment, and other vehicles.

A Complete Moving Solution

From packing at your location to transport to unloading,
Taclog does it all.

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TacLog employees moving heavy machinery onto a moving truck

Residential Moving 

Moving into a new home is an exciting time, but that excitement can quickly fade if your moving company doesn’t do its job well. At Taclog, we’ve been helping businesses and families for years with their needs and promise to treat your belongings as if they were our own.

Commercial Moving 

Whether you’re moving out of a small office or large retail store, you deserve a firm that can get the job done efficiently and professionally. With Taclog, our experience with commercial moves is unparalleled and will be tailored to fit your exact needs.

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Long-Distance Moving

Having a successful long-distance move to or from Murrieta depends on much more than how well you pack your belongings. A long-distance move is a logistical puzzle and you want a professional mover that knows how to place each piece in its right place. With Taclog, you’ll have years of experience on your side.


 For many people facing a new move, the job of packing can seem like an insurmountable mountain with no easy place to start. Instead of wasting time and effort trying to arrange a packing plan, a single call to Taclog can get rid of those worries forever. We’ve packed countless homes and commercial locations and know exactly what to do.

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Movers You Can Trust

Long-Distance Moving

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Our Happy Customers

"We hired Taclog Moving Services to move our part of our household from a Condo to an apartment and storage facility. Robert, Trent, and Gabe took exceptional care to ensure us that we will not have any damages. They delivered as promised and I am very greatful for each team member because after observing how they we handling my household; I immediately felt relaxed and stress free. We will be moving when our lease ends and we will be using these team members."

- Pauline Huff